Wise Woman Wanderer

Since August 2016 I have been traveling around the UK in my motorhome (Flossie), with my dog Henry. We are having some wonderful adventures, meeting some fabulous people and visiting some beautiful and interesting places on our journey.

This is something that I have wanted to do since 2014 and I am now living my dream life and loving it. During the journey I am finding things out about myself that I needed to know. I am living more with the cycles of life and getting used to being in that cyclic way, the old and simple way of living.

I am using wild herbs and plants for healing and culinary reasons, learning about wild flowers and trees and loving being back in nature and living a simplistic way of life.

A friend of mine recently called me the Wise Wanderer and I kind of like that name, and so I have decided to use it for the journey part of my life.

How to Work with Your Angels: My Top Tips Part 2

Once you’ve asked your angels for help, then it’s important to trust that they have heard you and that they are working away to bring your request to fruition. As modern humans we want everything to happen straight away, and sometimes they do. But other times we have to wait longer for what we want. Being kept waiting can lead us to thinking our angels haven’t heard us, or aren’t helping us. I have even heard people say “I haven’t seen a white feather for ages, I think my angel has abandoned me!”  

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How to Work with Your Angels: My Top Tips Part 1

You want to learn how to work with your own angels? It’s surprisingly easy when you know how. Over the next three posts, I will share my top tips for learning how to talk to and work with your angels and spirit guides.

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Receiving and Understanding Signs and Messages

People often say to me that they have been trying to communicate with their guides, but they don't think that their guides have heard them. Or they don't think that their guides have answered them. Because they haven't seen any signs or heard them speak....

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Asking Your Guides For Help

Life can sometimes be a difficult journey. We may be going along quite nicely and suddenly we are thrown a curve ball, sometimes that big that it totally knocks us sideways. It can be overwhelming but we get on with it because we have to. We navigate it...

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Dealing with Grief

Let’s talk about Grief for a minute. I like to think I know a little about it. As humans we deal with Grief in so many different ways. We may allow it to enter in all of its generous glory. Embracing it, almost welcoming it as a release. Knowing that accepting...

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