Isobel Gatherer

International Psychic, Intuitive Reader & Energy Healer

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Our spiritual journey is continuous and marvelous

With every person we meet, every place that we visit, every moment that we have, the good and not so good, there will be something there for us to learn, teach or pay back.

It is a fantastic journey, full of wonder and as we learn more about it we begin to live a more wholesome life, full of peace, love and happiness.

Our angels and guides play a huge part in this journey of ours. Especially when we learn how to work with them.

For example, they ensure that we are in the right place at the right time to meet people who we are meant to meet. They present us with opportunities to assist us. They can guide us to overcome difficulties that we are facing. They can give us the strength and support that we need to help us along the way.

Work with Isobel


Psychic Readings

Readings are delivered in a compassionate, authentic, honest, gentle and supportive manner.

They are delivered with the utmost confidentiality.

Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Library or Akashic Hall holds the Soul Book, or Book of Life, for every single person that exists or has existed.

Discover what has gone before and how it has affected you.

Energy Healing

Explore where your problems, concerns, worries and fears come from and how we can shift and start to heal them.

Delivered with love and the utmost confidentiality.

Wow what an amazing intuitive lady, Isobel’s warm fun and friendly manner immediately put my mind at ease, making me feel comfortable and able to take in all she said and lucky she did because WOW that was a lot of great information and all totally relevant to me, I left feeling lifted and enlightened.

– Rachael Pearson

Wise Woman Wanderer

Receiving and Understanding Signs and Messages

People often say to me that they have been trying to communicate with their guides, but they don't think that their guides have heard them. Or they don't think that their guides have answered them. Because they haven't seen any signs or heard them speak....

Asking Your Guides For Help

Life can sometimes be a difficult journey. We may be going along quite nicely and suddenly we are thrown a curve ball, sometimes that big that it totally knocks us sideways. It can be overwhelming but we get on with it because we have to. We navigate it...

Dealing with Grief

Let’s talk about Grief for a minute. I like to think I know a little about it. As humans we deal with Grief in so many different ways. We may allow it to enter in all of its generous glory. Embracing it, almost welcoming it as a release. Knowing that accepting...

“ I had a fantastic reading with Isobel, a very calm, gentle caring lady. Do treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
   - Dianne Manders-Twidale

I just had an incredible reading with Isobel. She has a beautiful, warm and knowing energy. If you need to find some clarity or receive guidance then she’s your woman. - Lisa Pascoe