Energy Healing

Energy Healing


As an energy healer I am used to sending out distant healing to people and to the world.


However, I find that the most effective way I have to help others is to allow them them the time and space to talk to me about their problems, concerns, worries and fears.


From there together we explore where these come from and how we can shift and start to heal them. A healing session with me comprises of:


  • the opportunity to talk, to be heard & to share.
  • to identify what the belief or the source of the problem is
  • to find solutions and strategies
  • to receive energy healing from my angels and guides
  • To receive guidance and support from spiritual team and myself


Sessions last for approximately 90 minutes and take place online via Zoom.


All are delivered with love and the utmost confidentiality.


For more information and to book a session please email me at