About Isobel


I am an international Psychic, Intuitive Reader, Channeller and Energy Healer.

I help others to make changes in their lives that enable them to become the best possible version of themselves, and to live their lives to the full.

I do this by Reading for people, tuning into their guides and seeing where they are now in life and where they are going to be in the future. This then gives them an indication if they are on the right path and what they can do to if they want to change their life.

And as an Energy Healer, I can help people to move any blocks or limiting beliefs that may be holding them back and preventing them from reaching their full potential in life.

With the help of modern day technology, I can read for people all over the world, via the internet or telephone.

Information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Readings can be booked by clicking the button below.

Isobel’s Story

Like so many other people, my life has been varied and sometimes very difficult, filled with heartache and troubles. These experiences have helped to mold me into the wise person that I am today.

For how can you help others if you haven’t truly experienced things yourself?

From a very early age, I was communicating with my guides. Once I learnt that I can ask them for the help and guidance that I needed my life improved immensely.

In 2012 I started to do psychic and angel card readings and have now read for hundreds of people all over the world, face to face, via the internet and telephone.

As part of my continuing spiritual journey, I am currently living in a motorhome touring around the UK and totally loving this nomadic lifestyle.

Due to the wonders of technology I am able continue my work, whilst traveling.